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In The Band: 4 Tips To Having The Best Tour Of Your Music Career

If you’re in a band, you’ve likely dreamt of going on tour. This can be a great time to explore new territories and play for appreciative audiences. However, as fun as a tour can be, you need to take things seriously. A great tour requires plenty of extensive planning. Here are four tips to having the best tour of your music career.

Get Good Transportation

You need to have the right wheels for your tour to go smoothly. It doesn’t have to be a double-decker tour bus. In fact, it probably won’t be terribly elaborate. You just need to make sure you’re covering all the necessary bases. For one, there should be enough room for everyone in your band. Don’t try to get six people in a four-seater. Second, you need to make sure all your gear can fit in comfortably. There should also be decent mileage and performance on your vehicle, even if it’s used. Research vehicles from a place like st george subaru dealership that will suit your needs for a tour as much as possible.

Know Where to Stay

As a green band, you might not be able to stay in five-star hotels every night. You might even have trouble getting enough for a cheap motel some nights. This is why you need to plan ahead as much as possible. If you’re playing in a city where you know other people, ask if you can stay with them.

 Give as much notice as possible. You don’t want to put them in an awkward situation by asking the night before. Show as much gratitude as possible towards them for letting them stay with you. This could be a nice gift or note. You should also put aside as much money as possible for motels. It’s important to be aware of your budget and plan your tour accordingly.

Drink Responsibly

You might fantasize about the rock star lifestyle of getting sloppy drunk every night. However, you have to contend with hangovers and just not being as focused the next day. It’s a vicious cycle where you can find yourself being dependent on substances. While it’s fine to have a beer or two before a set, it shouldn’t be the only thing that drives you to play. Make sure you are treating your body well. You should be avoiding harmful substances and embracing beneficial ones. Try to get as much sleep as you possibly can, stay hydrated and eat as well as you’re able to.

Be Respectful

As much as you might love your bandmates and consider them to be like family, they can get on your nerves (much like family). If something comes up between yourself and another bandmate, address it immediately. Don’t let passive-aggressiveness take over. Tell them how you feel, listen to them, and discuss what can be done to resolve it. If you notice others in conflict, work to be a mediator.

Make sure that old drama isn’t brought up. You need to let bygones be bygones. When you look back on the tour, you don’t want to have bad memories take over. You should also not feel afraid to discuss feelings of anxiety or depression that might be striking you. Tour can be a very emotional time, but you don’t want to hide your emotions from your bandmates.

Touring is an experience that is full of lessons. You understand how well you get along with your bandmates in the long-term and how to solve problems. You also learn how much endurance you have. The more you tour, the more wisdom you’ll gain. With this guide, you can make your next tour the best one.

In The Band: 4 Tips To Having The Best Tour Of Your Music Career

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