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The Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Guitar Terms 

There are a slew of guitar terms to learn when you’re just beginning. If you want to be a successful player you need to learn chords and strumming techniques but also terminology. This is a complete list of guitar terms to get you started!

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The Definitive Guide To How Much Practice Is The Right Amount

 The music world lives by the phrase “practice makes perfect,” but what makes the perfect amount of practice?

The path to musical expertise is a bumpy one, and practice is hailed as the golden ticket to success. When you’re aspiring to become an expert musician, it’s easy to feel like Goldilocks, struggling to find the sweet spot for your practice routine.

Malcolm Gladwell popularized the “10,000-hour rule,” based on Dr. K. Anders Ericsson’s research on expert performance, asserting that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to master any skill.

This claim is famous, but is it accurate? How do you define too little practice? Is there such a thing as too much practice?

Read on for how researchers, musicians, and even doctors respond to these questions.

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5 False Claims About The Music Industry That Hurt Your Music Career

Want to grow a successful career in music much more quickly? Don’t accept these false claims about the music business:

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7 Ways To Keep Yourself Interested In Practice

I’m a huge advocate for practicing your instrument. And as someone who loves practicing, I am well aware that keeping a regular practice schedule is exceedingly difficult.

It’s so easy for the business side of music to take priority over your practice, because frankly the practice always seems like it can wait and some other things simply can’t. It further complicates things when you have a job, if you’re on the road, or occasionally have to deal with, you know, life!

That being said, I am a big believer in regular practice because I think it has real benefits for your music career and your mental health.

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Music Education: Why It Is Important To The Industry

Music is a product of many factors. The more avenues an artist can draw upon, the more original their music will tend to sound. For many aspiring musicians, there exists a notion that being self-taught, often in a rather unorthodox fashion, is what being a successful musician is all about. Although it is true that some rare musicians will thrive with this philosophy, the reality is that these individuals are quite rare.

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Bad Students: Do They Make The Best Stars?

Why is it  that so many of the successful artists see to be loud, outspoken, rebellious people when it’s this same kind of attitude that gets students kicked out of school? That somehow breaking the rules leads to more success than sticking to them.

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