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Can The Music Business Support Musicians In Taking Care Of Their Mental Health?

Many musicians have mental health issues. Most common are depression, anxiety disorder and addiction. Who is responsible for the mental health of musicians? Fans, promoters, agents, A&R managers, managers or musicians?

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Mental Health Of Musicians In The News

The suicides of Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) last week and of Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) last May made me feel very sad. Some people used it to start a discussion about the mental health of musicians and of people working in the music business.

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Anxiety And Depression - You Are Not Alone!

Working in the music business can make you depressed! That’s the conclusion of a recent online study in the UK with more than 2200 participants: musicians and people working in the music business. More than 70% of the participants recorded to have suffered from panic attacks or high levels of anxiety, almost as many people have recorded to have suffered from depression. Not many musicians dare to talk about it. Not many agents or managers either, by the way.

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Why Musicians 'Don't Need' Mental Support

Musicians don’t need mental support. They always have their music to cheer them up. Does it still work like that, if music becomes your business?

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Musicians And Drug Abuse

The most common explanation of drug addiction is, that if you take too long a certain amount of a drug, you will become an addict. It’s the substance that makes you addicted. This is the theory that the US war on drugs is based on.

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