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First Date Jitters? Take Her to a Concert 


First dates can be exciting, but a little overwhelming. What will you wear? What will you talk about? Will he or she like you? Before long, a laundry list of questions has taken over your brain until you eventually develop a case of the first date jitters. But don’t let the anxiety of your first date ruin the night before it even starts. Here’s five ways to make sure your first date goes smoothly.

Bring Extra Cash and a Present

It’s not a bad idea to get your date a little present to show that you appreciate her taking the time to go out with you.  Some companies, like, have discounts and promo codes for 6PM. When going to a concert for a first date, make sure you bring along extra cash in case your date wants a few more drinks while she enjoys herself.  If your girl is a rocker, she will appreciate this beyond measure. Besides, you might get a smooch on the cheek if you show your quality and head-bang along with her.  Try doing this whether you like the music or not, just remember to have a good time and bond.  

Make Plans

Meet up with a friend after school or the weekend before and talk about your event.  Whether you just need an ego boost (yes, you are really fantastic) or you just need someone to throw around a few ideas with, confiding in a friend is one way to overcome the first date jitters.  Going to a concert is a great way to get over these jitters.  People at concerts are more often than not open-minded and very welcoming. The environment also is a great breeding ground for love and companionship.  You can always meet up with people you meet at the show for an after-party or whatever suits everyone’s needs.

Solidify the Memory

A journal is a force to be reckoned with. Getting everything off your chest can be a great advantage. Writing down what a great time you had during your first date with that particular someone is a fantastic way to solidify the memory.  Having something that will take in all of your words, feelings, and anxieties without being judgmental is of great benefit. This is why going to a concert for your first date is a great idea.  No one judges you in such a venue, they’re simply enjoying the music and having a great time doing so.

Enjoy Yourself

The power of breathing is underestimated, but there is scientific evidence that breathing helps calm people down.  Some people like to go to melodic, dance concerts to relive their first date anxiety.  These can be great places to practice mindful meditation and teach yourself to control your emotions by controlling your breathing, for example. It helps reduce anxiety, stress, and even helps boost the immune system. Even without the evidence, take a deep breath if you start to feel overwhelmed.  Just remember, feel the music, pay attention to your date, and treat her right.  Put her on your shoulders during the show so she can have a bird’s eye view of the stage and performers. 

Some might think it’s a little much to go to a concert for a first date, but that depends on the person.  Learn a little about your potential date before asking them out to be able to adequately feel out this aspect.  Going to a concert is a great way to learn about who your date really is on the inside.  Seeing how someone interacts with complete strangers in such an environment shows a lot about themselves.

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