Rooms for A Recording Studio
June 1, 2013
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Rooms for A Recording Studio
A professional recording studio isn’t just made of 1 big room. In fact, a studio consists of several separate rooms and the amount of rooms varies on each studio based on what types of instruments they carry. Below is a list of the different parts.
The Main Studio
Larger instruments go here and have hardwood floors. This type of room is perfect for grand pianos and the type of floor is important because it helps bring out the acoustics of the piano. This room is usually pretty empty and spacious compared to the other rooms.
Control Room
This is the most important part of the recording studio. Here is where extreme calculations have been taken to acoustically treat the room. It is built for monitoring, mixing and mastering. This room consists of the main computer, monitors, studio monitors, mixer boards and other mastering hardware. This is where all the recorded music is processed.
Isolation/Vocal Booth.
The vocal booth is separate from all the other rooms. This ensures the best and highest quality vocal recordings possible. To prevent any impurities in the sound, vocalists listen to the song via headphones rather than speakers. The room is also acoustically treated.
2nd Isolation Booth
This booth is a booth for other smaller instruments to be recorded. This room is also acoustically treated to ensure the best quality sound of the instrument. This room is perfect for guitars, drums, other smaller instruments and even other vocalists.
Of course every recording studio will have some type of lounge. Recording sessions take a very long time and it is important for people to take breaks and hang out and eat, drink and just chill with each other. This is the perfect break room for musicians and the music producer and engineers.


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