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NEW Interview Series! Charting The Couse: A Radio Promo Discussion

It’s that time again kids! CMJ in New York City starts TOMORROW.

I’ll be there and so will Jon Ostrow, as we are both speaking on panels and in commemoration I decided to interview six of the best and brightest people, some of whom work directly in radio promotions and some do not, but they all advice artists daily. Here is my take:

A massive percentage of the population of the United States still listen to radio at least one time a week, the latest studies from Arbitron showing that this makes up of 94% of the US population, and many artists believe that the only way to gain mass attention is by getting played on radio….

While I certainly don’t feel in any way that radio is the only way to gain mass attention, it can absolutely be a helpful marketing tool in your arsenal if approached properly.

I have discouraged many artists from spending their hard earned dollars especially on commercial radio campaigns, as I have seem too many artists sink large amounts of hard earned money on commercial radio campaigns that lead to nothing much more than their name on a chart.

However, I do absolutely see a value in college and specialty radio, which surrounding a strong live strategy such as a tour, can be an excellent way to create highly targeted and timely marketing efforts to support each event.

So starting tomorrow and running through Sunday, we will be running an interview series on the Cyber PR® blog called:

Charting the Course: A Radio Promo Conversation

This series will include interviews with:

Kevin Breuner of CD Baby

Jesse Kirshbaum of NUE Agency

Dave Cool of Bandzoogle

Adam Lewis of Planetary Group

David Avery of Powder Finger Promotions

Michael Addicott of Pandora

Reader Comments (2)

This is a sentiment that is echoed across various outlets: getting on commercial radio as an independent artist is an uphill battle.

I'm excited to see how these interviews shape up!

October 29 | Unregistered CommenterAndrew Wiebe

Wow, that's a lot. I didn't expect that so many people listen to radio actually. By the way, do you know where can I get such details on other countries? I found this decent resource where you can find useful data about city or country population, but there's no word about media preferences.

August 12 | Registered CommenterOlman Grand

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