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Six 8

Introducing Six8 – A Live Music Platform
Explore here… 

The team behind Six8, a live music community, are beyond proud to present to you Six8 – A live music community.  Uber for live entertainment, Airtasker for artists, AirBNB for venues: Six8 is live music entering the sharing economy.

Users can sign up as an artist or a host. Artists will be able to create a profile, fit with socials media links, music assets though most importantly; an hourly rate.

Hosts can search for artists based on genre, availability, price range or location.

From there, artists and hosts can connect to organise live music be it for a café, a bar, a bookshop, an office, a restaurant, a pub, a home or a park…Ladies and gentlemen, our Managing Director Keith Sue…

“I really love what we’re doing here. I love this idea that artists can be set free from all the barriers which prevent them from sharing their passion. And that everyday people, like you and me, can use their imagination to create new experiences with live music. The aim of the game is to bring live music into spaces where there previously was none, all the while creating unique experiences for performers and listens.  It’s damn exciting!”

All are welcome and encouraged to sign up to the platform. Six8 will be showcasing the platform at locations throughout the Australia over the coming months. The first of which took place at Paddington’s beloved Ampersand Bookstore & Café with the stunning neo-soul singer Soma Sutton performing amongst the library.

Artists on the platform will be booked to perform.

Six8 Showcase #2 - Thursday, 25th May  - Arcadia, Redfern – Sydney
Free entry - The Low Down Riders / Sam Newton / Jack & Danielle

Reader Comments (7)

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