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Smartphones for Audiophiles: How to Get Music on Your Phone

Over the last decade, smartphone technology has completely redefined how people communicate and access information. It also has had a huge impact on the way people create and listen to music. Let’s take a look at some of the latest accessories that help audiophiles and musicians get the most out of their smartphone.

For Musicians

Whether you’re a professional with gigs booked for months in advance or a novice who's just starting out, there’s nothing more convenient than using your smartphone to enhance the composition and recording of your music. The company IK Multimedia has a whole range of products that plug directly into your iOS or Android device.

  • iRig Mic Studio: This is a portable digital condenser microphone that can be used to produce professional-sounding recordings anywhere you go. Fitting in the palm of your hand, this large-diaphragm capsule features a 24-bit converter with a 44.1/48Khz sampling rate. It also has an integrated headphone output so you don’t need to wait until you’re done recording to test the sound. The iRig is so reliable that it was used to capture audio when the BBC show “Click” decided to shoot a 30 minute broadcast with all smartphone technology. Whether you want to record an idea in a moment of inspiration or lay down a track you’ve been practicing for weeks, you’ll always be ready with the iRig Mic Studio.

  • iRig 2: This tool allows guitar and bass players to plug directly into their mobile device via 1/4-inch input. The iRig 2 even features an input gain dial that makes it possible to adjust the gain depending on each of your unique setups. This means your sound will always be at its best, no matter which guitar or bass you choose to plug in.

For Listeners

Aside from helping musicians record their music, smartphones have also redefined the way people listen to their favorite songs. For example, someone with a smartphone on the T-Mobile network can choose from a wide variety of streaming music apps without using all of his or her data with its Music Freedom program. And, when a smartphone is paired with the right Bluetooth speaker, you can have an impressive portable audio setup.

  • Lumsing B9 Bluetooth Speaker: This speaker is considered one of the best Bluetooth speakers at this price point. Selling for as low as $23.99 on Amazon, this speaker has built-in NFC, Aux In, a microSD card slot and an average 25-hour battery life. And, if you’re averse to the idea of using Bluetooth to deliver data, you have the option to connect your smartphone to the B9 with a 3.5-mm audio jack to preserve the sound quality. Because it's so lightweight and compact, the B9 is perfect for a day out on the beach or a gathering of friends at the park.
  • Bowers & Wilkins T7: With a spectacular design of gray and black, the T7 adds to the aesthetics of any room. But it’s not just pretty, this Bluetooth speaker performs at a high level with resounding bass and distinct highs without distortion. While it does resort to digital signal processing (DSP) when cranked to its highest levels, the speaker is said to work well at the majority of volumes for a wide variety of music. It even earned the Editor’s Choice award from PC Magazine. Running for about $350, the T7 is a great solution for the home. And, at 2.1 pounds, it’s also fairly portable, so you can take it on the go.

Reader Comments (2)

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Thanks for the recommendations. Frankly speaking, I use smartphones mostly for making calls. This site with area codes of different countries is always in my bookmarks. But maybe I need to try more of its features. And this smartphone for audiophiles is a good option.

August 12 | Registered CommenterGreg Bjorg

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