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Cancelling A Club Gig For A Private Event: 5 Things To Consider

It’s tempting right?

You get that call for an awesome 90-min $5k gig (with PA provided) but then look on your calendar and you’re at “The Club” for a 3-hr show @ $900 with all your own gear. Of course, depending on your relationship with them, cancelling may not be an issue.

BUT if you think it is an issue or will be in the future (and you actually value playing at the club), consider these 5 things when you get that “offer you can’t refuse”….

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How To Keep Your Singing Voice Healthy When You’re In A Function Band

Singing several nights a week can take its toll on your voice - especially if you’re belting out rock anthems in a function band. Keeping your voice healthy requires lifestyle adjustments, great technique and proper warm-ups. But even if you’re doing everything right, illness and stress can leave your voice strained and fatigued. Here are a few tips and remedies to get your voice ready for the stage, even when you’re not feeling your best.

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15 Mistakes Your Function Band Should Avoid

Over the past ten years or so, the wedding and function band industry has become highly competitive, attracting some of the most accomplished musicians and singers in the industry, many with previous and ongoing record deals.

As the music industry evolved into the digital age, recording new music and engaging with fans became cheaper and easier, creating an abundance of upcoming artists, each looking for new ways to break through. Another side-effect was a change-up in the traditional business model and that’s meant more initial legwork and smaller advances for independent artists. As a result, the private event sector has become a much needed side line for many performers in order to pay the bills and continue with their originals projects.

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