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Using A New Rehearsal Venue? How To Safely Transport Your Band Instruments 

As a musician, you must become accustomed to sudden changes of venue. When you specialize in playing instruments, safe transportation to new venues can be vital to the longevity of your instruments. Here, you will find several ways to safely transport your instruments to new rehearsal venues.

Use a Professional Moving Company

When you’re in a pinch and need to move instruments at a moment’s notice, you can always rely on a local professional moving company such as Bekins Van Lines Inc. Not only will the moving company pack the instruments for you, they’ll also load the truck and drive it to the new rehearsal venue. The wonderful thing about a professional moving company is that most of them are required to be licensed, bonded, and insured by state law.


For veteran musicians, a hard case in which to store your instrument is an essential accessory. While it serves to make transport easier by providing a sturdy handle by which to carry your instrument, the solid construction of an instrument case also provides a layer of protection. If you’re a small band, each member can carry their own instrument in a case to the new venue via public transportation, personal vehicle, or carpool with ease.

Rented Moving Trucks

For bands that use large instruments such as pianos and drums, a simple hard case will not even be remotely sufficient for your transportation needs. The best way to transport large instruments to a new rehearsal venue is in a large moving truck. Before you load your large instruments onto a truck, be sure to secure them. A moving truck is also a great way to transport large collections of instruments that are securely packed in boxes or cases.

Blankets and Ingenuity

If you’re a small band waiting for the gig that’ll give you your big break, you don’t have the money to hire professional movers, purchase expensive instrument cases, or rent a moving truck. When your funds are low, you have to rely on blankets and human ingenuity. Find a roomy vehicle, such as a van or an SUV, and gently load your band instruments into the back. Be sure to wrap the instruments in layers of blankets to provide cushioning and prevent damages.

Whether you’re transporting instruments in your car, a moving truck, or by hand, you should always try to wrap the instrument or instrument case in a waterproof bag to prevent exposure to rainy weather or other sources of moisture that could damage your instrument.

Using A New Rehearsal Venue? How To Safely Transport Your Band Instruments

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