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Top 3 Cheap Piano Keyboards Worth Your Money

Although the Casio and YamahaThe ‘big player’s keyboards are on the keyboard market, there are still other great options when you are looking for piano keyboards. 

Most beginners and parents of children who are just starting piano lessons should avoid spending thousands of dollars on a brand new piano, simply because many people stop after a few weeks. 

In addition, there are also some other reasons for having a cheap piano keyboard available. Some students take their keyboard to school or drop it, and this is less so when you have spent € 150 instead of € 1500, which is about the cost of a model in the higher price ranges. With this in mind it is also nice to buy a good quality piano regardless of how much money you spend.

For this reason we have chosen our 3 favorite inexpensive keyboards and each gave them a review, which you can read below. 

Remember that these are not going to have the same sound, quality or feel of a Roland concert piano, but they will suffice for a young student or for someone who wants solid practice material. Below is our choice as  cheap piano and digital keyboards , take a look at them.

Casio SA-77 Mini Keyboard

This is often the first keyboard that I use with young students when I teach them the basics. 

Actually, because this is such a cheap piano keyboard, I always have a few in stock to give away to some of my students. 

With a price tag of around € 50, this model is perfect for people who want to save money. 

Although it does not have the pure sound or feel of a larger electronic keyboard, it is not for a child who learns his notes. 

With only 44 keys, it helps students who have difficulty touching the outer keys. Overall, I would give this keyboard a 6.5 / 10 for a starting adult and a 9/10 for a child.


Yamaha Piaggero NP12

A few steps higher than the Casio SA-77 is the Yamaha Piaggero NP12. With a weight of 9 kg, it is very light. This makes it easy to carry, making it a good purchase for students who are already advanced, and who no longer use mini keyboards and other youth models. 

With 61 keys and good quality, I would say that the Yamaha NP11 is one of the best inexpensive piano keyboards for students starting their second year of piano lessons. 

The adjustment from 44 to 61 keys can easily be made around this time and almost every youthful pianist will have no trouble with the extra 16 keys. 

For a price of less than € 200, the keys are fairly sensitive and this keyboard has almost the same feel as the more expensive digital pianos from Yamaha.


Casio LK-280

Another model with 61 keys is the Casio LK280, although I don’t like it as much as the Yamaha NP11, it is still a solid second for people who are only just starting their musical career. 

What makes him so good are the illuminated keys that help new players learn songs and notes. 

Although this is really great for a novice, it can be distracting for advanced players because it is somewhat awkward when learning new things. 

On the whole, I would give it an 8/10 for beginners and a 7/10 for mediocre / advanced players because the illuminated keys take away some of the atmosphere of playing. 

Top 3 Cheap Piano Keyboards Worth Your Money

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