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Martial Music: 5 Reasons To Consider Joining A Military Band

The origin of martial music dates back to a time when the high-tech communication systems seen on the battlefield today were not in existence. Signaling in the war zone was done by the sound of drum beats and the sounding of trumpets.

However, present day military bands have a different kind of music duty. Once you join the military and pass all the mandatory training and auditions, you get assigned to a band. As part of the band, your primary mission will be to perform musical engagements. Many of which fall under the morale and welfare category. They include recruiting concerts, military formations, and monthly officer’s club retreats among others. If you’re interested in joining such a band, here are a few reasons to help you take the plunge:

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How To Work A 9-to-5 Job And Still Be An Inspired Musician

This article originally appeared on the Sonicbids Blog

I speak for myself when I say this, but I’m sure plenty of other musicians think the same: we all want a consistent, full-time, make-a-living-off-of-music job. Whether that’s behind the scenes or center stage, being able to sustain a life off of our music would be fantastic.

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Six Fun Jobs To Consider If You Have A Passion For Music

One thing many people have a great passion for is music. However, you don’t have to limit music to your hobby. There are actually many very well paying jobs that allow a person to user their love of music to make a living. Having a music career doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. You can make it a reality. Below are six great examples of music careers.

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What A Master's Degree In Music Can Do For Your Teaching Career

Being the top of any given field can be hugely advantageous for people who are looking to build a serious career. This applies to every field, but it is especially important when it comes to music education. If you are someone who has finished an undergraduate music program and are considering whether or not to try for a master’s degree, there are a number of reasons why you should.

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Want To Get In The Industry? Become An Audio Engineer

The dream of being a rock star eludes most of us. Fortunately, you can work and succeed in the music industry. Being an audio engineer, you can have a huge impact on recording, mixing, editing, and much more.

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