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7 Tips To Improve Merchandise Sales

A big reason why fans purchase music merch is to connect with others that share a common interest, and to show off their musical tastes.

Merchandise is also a great way to advertise your artist. We find that items with the artist’s name included tend to sell better than items without it.

It doesn’t have to be splattered in huge letters across the front, but including the artist’s name visibly on the item helps.

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High Note: How Musicians Can Be Responsible At Concerts And After Parties

Concerts and after-parties are part of the experience of being in a band and performing for live audiences. The experience could be overwhelming, and the social pressure might cause you to do things that are not healthy or safe. Consider these four ways in which you can take responsibility for your behavior at concerts and parties.

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How To Stay Sober And Safe At A Concert

Concerts are great events for most people, and the energy of the crowd is as much a part of the show as the performers. There are multiple factions and demographics when the concert is a particularly big event, such as an all-day festival where people actually set up tents and other camping equipment. Depending on the circumstances, the excitement of the event also comes with potential opportunity to indulge in drugs and alcohol that many people do not enjoy. And, for those who are in recovery, this can be a particularly uncomfortable situation. This does not mean that anyone cannot attend a show and stay sober and safe while still enjoying the music, but there are some situations to avoid concerning both sobriety and safety.

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4 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Next Local Concert

Getting to see one of your favorite bands live will be a memory that you can cherish forever. Unfortunately, many concerts are hectic, and it doesn’t take much to ruin the event. If you want to make the most out of your next concert, then take a look at these four tips that will help you have the time of your life.

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4 Tips Every Concert Attendee Should Seriously Consider

There’s nothing like a concert to get your blood pumping. Before you go crazy for the band, however, you’ll need to plan ahead to ensure the best experience possible. Here are just four tips for future concert attendees.

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4 Ways To Make Your Next Rock Concert Legit

Few people can disclose that they have never been to a concert and if they can, one of their top wishes is to attend one. From the heart-throbbing sound to the exhilaration goer’s experience, rock concerts are said to be the time of anyone’s lives. Though most believe that there are expectations when going to a concert, the best actions anyone can take is to keep it simple, relaxed, and to have a good time. Making your next rock concert legit is far easier than you think.

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10 Ways To Book More House Concerts

This post was written by Joy Ike ​and originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog.

House concerts: everybody loves them, but most artists don’t know how to get them. They are the most-coveted type of gigs for singer/songwriters and acoustic bands. They don’t require a lot of promotional effort - which means less time behind your computer, and more time behind your instrument.

Yes, in the ecosystem of gigs, house concerts are king! So how do you book them? Here are some simple ways to make it happen!

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Concert Road Warriors - How To Show Your Affection For Your Favorite Bands

When you go to concerts, it’s more fun if you can find interesting and effective ways to support your favorite bands. It doesn’t matter if these are world famous musicians or simply friends of yours who have started a local band that you want to support. Either way, there are ways to show your loyalty and make the experience of attending concerts more fun for you and your friends.

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High Notes: What You Can Do To Reduce Drug Use At Concerts

Festivals and concerts would be a great time for live music, but some people use them as an excuse to do drugs. In fact, we hear about drug deaths and drug overdoses every year at concert festivals. Along with the injuries and arrests, it can turn an awesome time at a concert into a sad experience. Because the law prohibits drug-friendly concerts, many organizers of these events enforce a zero-tolerance policy. You do have some who turn a blind eye, but they get shut down eventually.

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The Rising Popularity Of Tracks In Live Performances

In recent years, the music industry has experienced a shift as audiences get younger and music fans become more accepting of a wider range of sounds and musical genres. Streaming services and online music stores like iTunes have completely changed the way that we buy and access music by placing the entire history of the artform at our fingertips. We no longer buy the albums that sound like the ones we already own. (After all, who wants to pay $18 for something we might not even like?) Now, we sample everything because it’s extremely easy and cheap to do so. The effect is that, over time, our tastes evolve to let in a larger variety of sounds and styles.

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