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Tunes And Technology: 5 Ways To Promote Your Music Online

Even if your band is amazing and your recordings are tight, marketing and promoting your music can be an art form. When it comes to promoting your music online, this adds even more complexity to the process. One reason for this is because you are competing with millions of other highly refined online bands and musicians. However, with the right promotions strategy, you can get your music before a wide audience of new fans in no time. The following are five ways to promote your music online you should be actively doing now.

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15 Ways to Get More Music Fans

This post was written by Lisa Occhino and originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog

They say you need a thousand true fans to build a sustainable music career. But getting those first few diehard fans who play such a crucial role in building momentum can feel almost impossible when you’re just starting out.

There are dozens and dozens of ways to get more fans for your music, but it’s ultimately going to come down to your level of commitment and finding the right balance of tactics that works best for your personal music career strategy.

The list below isn’t exhaustive, of course, but if you nail these 15 essentials, you’ll be well on your way to getting more music fans.

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4 Ways A Great Graphic Designer Can Help Musicians Market Their Music 

A well-designed image can serve as a strong marketing tool. As a musician, your desire is to share your music with a certain audience. In addition to creating quality music, using a great graphic designer will help your music get to more people in a quicker amount of time. A graphic designer can also help shape your audience’s perspective, since the graphics serve as a visual representation of your brand. There are four ways a graphic designer can have a direct impact on your marketing efforts.

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5 Step YouTube Converting Done Right

YouTube is a platform for social chance. It runs on the concept of free speech, constructive conversation, rainbows, and unicorns. All jokes aside, the atmosphere promoted on this social platform is that of unity and creativity. It is an ideal way for anyone to get out there and fully express their views in a safe environment where like-minded people will engage in interesting, valuable and useful means of expression.

 It is only natural that the many opportunities YouTube offers come with extra features and also a ton of controversy based on these additional characteristics. For instance, YouTube to mp3 file conversion. As widely used at it is, people seem to have variations of opinion regarding its functionality.

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Social Media Marketing For Musicians: How To Get More Fans On YouTube

This post was written by Jon Ostrow and originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog.

Why use YouTube to get more fans

Video has always been an important medium for music promotion. Music videos, documentaries, and concert films, have given fans a way to connect more deeply to the music, and the bands they hold so dear.

So it’s no surprise that YouTube has become a must-use social media platform for musicians.

But beyond just simply being a video platform, there are real tangible reasons why YouTube presents a great opportunity for you to find more fans.

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DIY Music Video Production

In today’s music world, video rules. With the rise of YouTube this proves to be self evident. But many talented musicians and bands opt out, worried they simply do not have the funds to make “professional” music videos.

But what does it really take to make a “professional” music video these days? What are the real costs? And ultimately: do fans really care?

I’ve gathered some advice from various discussions with associates in the SF Bay Area music scene, and I also have. Hope you find it helpful!

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How To Make Money From Your Music On YouTube

YouTube is undoubtedly one of the most important tools for musicians to market and engage with fans online. But how does YouTube make you money?

Rather than simply allowing YouTube to run ads on your music videos and hoping for the best, you should focus on creating a sales funnel strategy.

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How To Advance Your Music Career In A Digital Age

Being a musician these days is tough! Back in the good ‘ol days, artists just had to worry about learning their craft and booking shows, hoping to get radio support along the way that could eventually get you signed to a label. But today things have gotten a bit more complicated. But with every challenge there always lies opportunity. This opportunity is that we now have more access to information than ever before–information is knowledge. Now all the barriers of entry only large record labels knew about are out there in the open. With a bit of research and time, we know the industry works and we know how musicians can make money in it.

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8 Effective Strategies To Sell Your Music Online

For the average artist who finds it difficult to sell his/her music (hint: this is most artists) in the age of Spotify and Pandora, any attempts can often feel like a waste of time.

Below are 8 effective ways to make the most of your online merch store, digital music presence, and your relationship with die-hard fans. The following tips are not only useful, but when done right can lend themselves to a significantly greater income, a larger online presence, and stronger engagement with your fans.

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Music Videos Have Leaped From Entertainment To Experience, Thanks To Social Media

The talent-hunting reality shows may have started it, but music videos in general, and social media sites, YouTube in particular, have transformed and rebranded music and their artists from entertainment to a lifestyle experience. The interactive component in shows like American Idol, America’s Got Talent, The Voice, and their various versions have given their millions of viewers part of the power to decide who wins and who loses.

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14 Ways Musicians Can Make Money from Live Shows

You know the adage, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket“. Musicians just can’t afford to do that anymore. There are just so many baskets and each one has its benefits. Some baskets will be more important to you, and some will be more important during specific times in your career.

Think of the below list as a bunch of baskets related to making money from your live performance, and determine which ones you want to use. Some of these will be no-brainers, but they’re still on the list as a reminder.

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YouTube For Indie Artists: Part One

Music videos are more important than ever when it comes to introducing your band to the world! The low cost of creating serviceable visual content (music videos, vlogs, etc.) paired with the popularity of streaming platforms (YouTube, Vevo, Facebook) has not only made videos accessible to every level of artist, but a vital part of any marketing plan. Whether you’re an independent artist or signed to a major label, you can bet that video content is going to be a primary tool in attracting new fans and selling your product. Of course, like most content streams in the internet age, it can be difficult to ensure you’re getting optimal performance on your own videos. The blog below will help you ensure your hard work isn’t for nothing!

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Nielsen's Music 360 Report

By Spencer Ritchie from Berklee’s Music Business Journal, 

Nielsen recently published its annual Music 360 Report, detailing consumer spending in music, especially subscription services. According to Nielsen, the appetite for music in the United States is high. Apparently, 91% of the US population is listening up to 24 hours of music a week, a much larger number than reported for similar surveys in the 1990s.

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Intellectual Property Online: YouTube Red And The Blockchain

     Last week Google announced plans to roll out a $9.99 monthly subscription-based YouTube membership. The membership is called YouTube Red and it will give subscribers access to ad-free user-generated content (UGC) including original shows starring YouTube’s most popular creators, a gaming app, and the long-awaited YouTube Music service. YouTube Red is an exciting move that will set new industry standards and for the first time will give content creators a larger platform from which to address a paying market.

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